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About Beyond PT

Our Story

Beyond Physical Therapy was founded in October 2016 at our Mid Tulsa clinic.  Our goal is to improve lives one visit at a time by providing exceptional physical therapy through individualized and holistic treatment approaches in a laid-back, family-like environment.


Thanks to our amazing patients and our unique treatment approach, our clinic has continuously grown since 2016. Beyond the Gym was opened in May 2019 to further our mission of creating a seamless transition beyond physical therapy to help our patients meet their goals safely. Our second location (Beyond Physical Therapy – South) was opened in July 2022 by one of our passionate physical therapists to continue to expand our mission. We invite you to join us to shape our next chapter–after all, we’re here to help you move better by going beyond!

October 2016

Mid-Tulsa Clinic Opens

Focus on exceptional customer service leads to constant clinic growth.

October 2016
Beyond Halloween 2017
October 2017

1st Annual Beyond Halloween Competition

October 2017
KO in OK 2018
January 2018

Representing Beyond at KO in the OK

January 2018
Mid-Tulsa Clinic Expansion 2018
March 2018

Mid-Tulsa Clinic Expansion

March 2018
1st annual clinic team retreat
September 2018

1st Annual Clinic Retreat

September 2018
KO in OK 2019
January 2019

Representing Beyond at KO in the OK

January 2019
Beyond the Gym Opens
May 2019

Beyond the Gym Opens

Patients now have access to our private gym, where the experienced sports and wellness personal trainers work directly with each patient’s doctor of physical therapy.

May 2019
South Tulsa Clinic Opening
July 2022

Beyond Physical Therapy South Opens

One of our passionate PTs started a second clinic for the convenience of our patients in the south Tulsa metro area.

July 2022
Firecracker 5K 2022 Beyond Booth
July 2022

Representing Beyond at Fleet Feet Firecracker 5K

July 2022
October 2022

5-Year Anniversary at Mid-Tulsa

October 2022
THE haircut
October 2022

THE Haircut

October 2022
Firecracker 5K 2023
July 2023

Representing Beyond at Fleet Feet Firecracker 5K

July 2023

Why Choose Beyond Physical Therapy?

patient connection


We connect every patient with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy to discuss challenges and goals

consistent care with same dpt

Consistent Care

Our patients work with the same physical therapist each visit, ensuring the best care

individualized treatment plans


We develop a tailored treatment plan to help our patients achieve their goals

Multifaceted treatment dry needling

Multifaceted Treatment

We use evidence-based hands-on treatments that maximize our patients’ best outcomes
Interdisciplinary approach

Interdisciplinary Approach

We work closely with on-site personal trainers to support our patients’ goals beyond physical therapy

local Tulsa physical therapists own clinics

Owned by Local Therapists

The people making decisions for Beyond Physical Therapy are the same Doctors of Physical Therapy providing your care

10 Ways Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Life

  • 1. Maximize Your Movement

    Improve your range of motion and overall mobility to help you get back to doing what you love. Maximizing movement is essential for general health and wellness, pain management, and physical activity.

  • 2. Improve Strength and Endurance

    Regular exercise is key! Physical therapists can work with you to develop an exercise program to help you get and stay strong. After all, if you don’t use it - you lose it!

  • 3. Reduce Pain

    Nagging pain can interfere with your hobbies and passions. Physical therapists can work with you to help reduce and eliminate pain to improve your quality of life, both mentally and physically.

  • 4. Avoid Surgery

    Help avoid surgery by treating acute injuries and chronic pain to prevent symptoms from worsening or creating new problems. Research shows that in some cases, conservative physical therapy is just as effective as surgery.

  • 5. Improve Athletic Performance

    Improve strength, speed, and agility to get you to the top of your game

  • 6. Prevent Future Injuries

    By assessing strength, mobility, and functional movement, we can identify dysfunctional movement patterns and address them to reduce your risk of getting hurt.

  • Avoid falls

    7. Improve Balance & Decrease Risk of Falls

    Balance is influenced by many different factors and body systems. Physical therapy can help to address impairments that affect your balance and help keep you on your feet!

  • 8. Increase Independence

    Improve your independence with things like walking, getting dressed, cooking, and more! Physical therapy can help to improve strength and mobility, giving you the tools you need to remain independent.

  • 9. Improve Sleep

    Quality sleep is essential for our bodies to function and recover. Physical therapy can help decrease pain so that you can sleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed!

  • 10. Improve Your Quality of Life

    Whether it's playing with your children, playing tennis, or walking your dog, physical therapy can help you get there. By reducing your pain and improving mobility, we’ll get you back to what you love to do!

Beyond PT x Beyond the Gym

Located right next door to our Mid Tulsa Clinic, Beyond the Gym helps to ensure a seamless transition beyond physical therapy to help our patients achieve their goals. Our physical therapists at both locations work closely with knowledgeable and experienced certified personal trainers to provide a well-rounded treatment approach that helps patients return to their desired activities and reach their fullest potential.

Beyond the Gym Opens

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